More Meet, Please. December 13th. 2pm - 2am

 December 13th | 2pm - 2am // $30

Come to my studio December 13th — with all your friends, loved ones, and enemies — to eat some food, have some drinks, and buy things. $30 will get you in the door, food, and a couple drinks; more money will buy you more drinks, art, and one-off gifts. Some of the items that will be for sale:
Screened Shirts
Personal love postcards from Prague
My favorite coffee cup (generic), signed
My presence at a social event of your choosing

To see what else will be available check this blog or take a peak at my Instagram. Even if you don't find anything that meets your fancy, you can hang around my space and talk to some interesting people. Socialize, and whatnot.


I am going to the Meet Factory in Prague this February for three months to complete my piece “these times Before and After (or how I believe Yesterday may have happened)”. The piece is a large sculptural object, made of florescent tubes, that is in a feedback loop with the viewers that are walking within it. The piece will explore how we think about Self in relationship to events. The exploration focuses on the many variations of Self that are brought into focus when examining ones experience; that the Self does not exist in simple internal and external states.

Money raised during this dinner/studio sale will help fund travel costs and material expenses. 


901 NE 55th Street
Seattle, WA 98105

wednesday set up

Setting up for “things i was meant to have said yesterday”. Show opens Thursday from 7 - 10. Bring your lover. Pics are of “conversations with celebrities” and “ritual objects for binary states”.

Yes we cam

Custom cams and an army of boxes all for my piece "conversations with celebrities", which will premier at my show "things I was meant to have said yesterday" that opens November 6th at Glassbox Gallery.