I keep your picture in a bowl of sharks teeth.

It has no meaning the bowl and teeth, only that it is the available space on the desk to place you. We are both posing somewhat with expressions that seem to be answering the question, "did you remember to turn off the oven?". (And for some reason it does make me think of a time I did forget to turn off the oven over an entire 3 day period in a one bedroom apartment in Baltimore, unsure why the apartment was so warm, or butter was melting on top of the stove in its storage dish. I assumed it was something to do with the east coast climate I was unaccustomed to.) But this picture is clumsily perfect in the way someone trying to open a car door while holding coffee, donut, and newspaper, manages to drop everything all at once, including keys, but just laughs forgetting they live amongst so many people.