3 dogs (and one more)

In the last week I've heard of 3 different people getting a dog.

One is a small robot looking dog with unblinking eyes purchased by a single man. He had it in a box, which looked a bit like an off-brand Happy Meal, in the back of his truck.

One is a "wolf puppy" (not my words) purchased by a son for his mom. This purchase was part of a home protection plan, which I assume is most notable for the time delay in it being part of a viable security measure. It's a bit like buying a home security camera that won't be operational for a few months due to noise in the data line.

A third friend texted me about her dog purchase (Acquisition?) while I was on the number 18 bus around 5th and Wall. She and her boyfriend bought it (acquired it?) together. When the text arrived I was starring out the window and noticed a small tube of a dog (like it had been a different dog at a previous point in time, but had recently been pushed through a 4" piece of PVC pipe, resulting in all of its features being compressed towards a central axis) in a patchwork hoodie of pastel fabrics, strut along the sidewalk with bright pink painted toenails. 

I think all 3 dogs I recently learned about have something to gain from becoming friends with this dog killing the outdoor runway game.